Welcome Home Mr. and Mrs.! Your new home search begins here!!

Wedding guests applauding newlyweds

Buying a house is one of the biggest purchases you and your spouse will make together. The more you talk about before you begin your search, the more successful your search is likely to be, and the happier you’ll both be when you turn the key in your new home!

Agree on Wants and Needs
Before contacting a real estate agent, agree on what you need and want in a house, understanding that these can be different criteria.

Discuss Motives and Goals Together
Like most couples, you probably agree on many ideas but not all. So it’s important to discuss why you want to buy a house and what you hope to gain in the purchase.

Determine Your Budget
It’s vital that you have a price range and a maximum price before you even step out your door, perhaps realizing that you will pay more for a house that is in “move-in” condition and less for one that needs repairs. Every real estate agent will ask your budget, because it’s pointless to look at houses beyond what you can afford and are comfortable paying.

Secure Loan Pre-Approval
Up until just a few years ago, home buyers narrowed their search, submitted an offer on their chosen house and, if it was accepted, went to the bank for financing. Today, sellers and their agents want to know up front that you will be approved for the loan.

Choose ME as your Real Estate Agent
Choose a real estate agent who is the best match for your situation. Ideally, an agent has proven experience working with newlyweds who are combining finances and living arrangements for the first time and is familiar with the neighborhoods that interest you. Choosing me ensures that you and your spouse will experience a successful real estate transaction.