New Construction


When you choose to purchase a New Construction Home you should have someone to advocate for you, negotiate on your behalf and act in your best interest. The transaction is more complicated than just signing paperwork and there a lot of details along the way and post close of escrow. It’s extremely beneficial. Keep in mind the sales agents at the New Home Community are employees of the builder which is actually the seller.

Your real estate professional will be able to explain and help manage every aspect of the transaction, will have your interests at heart, and will be able to keep things on track. So you don’t gain anything by not using a Realtor. The home builder pays the commission, not you! Why would you turn down a chance to have a professional guide you and look out for you at every step? It is essentially free to you!

Buying a home is a business transaction first and foremost and you should have someone on your side to represent you and only you! Every builder is different and each situation is unique, you want someone on your side guiding you step by step through the process and making sure the builder is doing their part in the transaction because “Your Move Matters!”